Change (In the House of Flies)


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2000-06-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:55

Music Video


  • Love this video!!!

    By L-Trizzy
    Love the song love the video!!
  • good makes me feel dirty.

    By LucyJane88
    I love these guys. Have for a long time. The song is good. It's no Butcher, but it's good music. The video I might have enjoyed in my teens. Now...I don't know. I watched a little, and felt the need for a shower, and maybe rehab.....and I don't partake. Deftones music is always sexy. This video..not so much. Someone call maid service on that room !!!!! Maybe I'm just bitter. Reminds of of being up for too may hours...with the wrong the 90's.
  • duuuuude

    By ├ćnemafreak
    Yeah I agree with this last guy. I mean the video that I formed in my head was better than this one, but still... the deftones do music unlike any other band and it can't be replicated because they're awesome! But seriously I guess they had some sort of idea and this is what they pictured as a video so yeah...
  • Change

    By mbarbeau86
    This song rocks !! Sure the vids not a big flashy production, but the meaning in the lyrics is expressed in that crazy dramatic symbolism. ie the prom queen. People change, and that social fact is expressed. But more importantly....they just f_ _ _king rock!!!
  • Pretty great

    By chords7
    THis is probably one of their best videos i think. i love the deftones but their music videos arent that great. the best r probably be quiet and drive and back to school. those ones are a must have. but still pretty good. amazing song
  • Meaning...

    By Kapock11
    The song is about seeing someone close to you hit rock bottom over time (90% sure anyway), so the video fits perfectly. Definitly their best album.
  • Good vid.

    By Pete awesome
    What's up with pimps grammar. Put the greasy xbox controller down and lay off the mushu pork. It's rotting your brain so fast that you have has lost control of your sausage like digits. Poor fat kid with bad grammar. For shame.......;)
  • amazing!

    By lucky956
    great song even better when you see them
  • the video is okay...

    By 9/87
    but the newgrounds version is better its called: death do us part. and no i didnt forget the till
  • great song, poor video

    By OldschoolB
    Not feeling the video but the song is great. In fact, the whole album is awesome. Their videos aren't that great but then again Deftones are known for great music not great videos. Personally I'll take a great song over a great video anyday and Deftones always deliver just that!!!

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