Dancing In the Dark

Bruce Springsteen

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2004-09-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:01

Music Video


  • I was there at the concert!!!

    By HammerTime78
    This video was filmed during a concert in St. Paul Minnesota. Near the end of the concert Bruce apologized for playing the song a second time, but they needed to take some more shots for the music video. They proceeded to play it again and guess got pulled up onto the stage for a second time!
  • Dancing In the Dark!!!

    By fancy1135
    This was interesting and great for me to see and listen to, however "hey Bruce" you get better looking with age.......................yeah! You sound the same "Great" as you always do!!!!!!!
  • Amazing

    By sdfhdwafhsdf
    Its so cool
  • A 13 Year Old's Perspective

    By jazzyjaz53
    I have listened to Bruce and The E Street Band since I was at least 2. My aunt Karen introduced me to his music at a young age. Most kids my age love pop and dubstep, but I go for Bruce and his music, and that's the way it will stay. I absolutely love this video and this song, of course! This song goes through my head every day and I can't help but dance to it. Considering that video was made in the 80's, the quality is still excellent and Bruce's dance moves were funny (that's to be expected). And let's not forget how much Bruce changes through the years! Keep on rocking, Boss! (RIP Clarence Clemons, The Big Man)

    By tinhorn flats
  • A Must-Have Video For ALL Ages!! +this is Not Concert Footage!!! idiots!!

    By RockrChic-K77
    This may look just like a take from one of "The Boss" concert footages, as it was created to look that way, so no one would forget how he just picked an unknown teenaged girl from the crowd!! Yet, Courtney Cox was hand picked to be the teenage girl for the video by it's director!! This was Not a random pick Nor actual concert footage. Cox was playing a role in the soap opera, "As the World Turns", when the then young, tho now reknown great, director, Brian dePalma, hand-picked Cox, then 20, who had been doing some modeling n posing for pics for like teen beat, etc., as she dropped out of college aft 1yr to pursue a poss acting career. So SHE WAS CHOSEN to be in the music video!! And back then, that's how the majority of music videos were made in the early to late 80s to 90s.. They focused on the singer-band-group & didn't do all the stupid story-telling + talking, in today's videos and that's all you heard n saw on MTV back then too. Plus there were No commercials, No reality shows, de'nada.. just music videos 24/7. -2yrs aft. the vid. Cox really started her acting career as Michael J Fox's GF on Family Ties; then in '94, started her decade long career on Friends, in which she negotiated the actors pay up to $1 mil an episode, after a few yrs of the show's big success. -AND if ya don't know Brian De Palma, maybe you know some of his movies: "Carrie", "The Fury", "Scar Face", "Blow Out", "Dressed to Kill", "Wise Guys", "Obsession", "Femme Fatale", "Body Double", "Phantom of the Paradise" n many more. -ANYWAYS, this song is totally awesome n just gets your blood a flowing to your arse up to dance!! -It remains a fav of mine, even after the years.. just to watch the vid or work-out to the song!! -This is a "MUST HAVE" for any Springsteen fan or one who just likes a good tune & vid w/o all the "crazy gimics" of today's generation (ie. Lala Gagme giving birth to doll heads at the beginning of "Born This Way" as she narrates=ACK!!)
  • Not the best video but...

    By Izzy472
    I think I was only 14 the first time I saw this music video, but after watching it and seeing how hot Bruce Springsteen was and how good he looked in his jeans....I've been a fan of his ever since. And he's still sexy as hell!! Definitely a man who only gets better with age! Now if only iTunes could add the music video for I'm on Fire to this collection. Did you get that iTunes??? PLEASE add the video for I'm on Fire!!
  • classic.

    By MichaelJacksonloverr
    I love bruce springsteen. he is so sexy. god I love him(: great song!
  • Dancing in the Dark

    By joezell
    Wow! Just look at this video. I guess we were really that young! One of Bruce's feel good, "gotta make some money" anthems. And that it was, and that it did! I'm still humming it! Maybe it's because it was my introduction to Courtney Cox. It was the best thing she ever did.
  • A Video for the Ages

    By Bonaboy82
    Classic Springsteen! The essential Boss video for any collection. Yes it is merely live concert footage, but who doesn't remember the first time they saw Bruce pull a young Courtney Cox up onto that stage and her look of joy and disbelief.

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